北京pk赛车官网有限公司。Ltd.(Haiyan Bingsheng Bulb Co.,Ltd ), located in Shiquan Town of Zhejiang province , is mainly engaged in scientific research, production, technical support and service of light source product since 1985 .

  Our products range includes different kinds of energy saving lamps ,LED lamps,Eco halogen saver bulbs,Halogen bulbs ,incandescent bulbs  and fluorescent tubes etc .All our lamps have a high reputation and hot market in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East and other countries .

  We have over 40000 square meters production area .  Our factory have been ISO 9001,CE,RoHS,EMC certified.  We have strong R&D staffs and quality control team who are professional in the areas of  lighting for many years.With guaranteed product quality, all items are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients.

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